Our Client Success Stories

Simply put, Dr. B and Syamala are the “real deal”. I recently took a Quantum Touch Level 1 class with them and was in awe of the pure unconditional love that radiated out of them onto all of us in the class. I have also done remote healing work with them and the experience was as real and powerful as if we were in the same room together. They are excellent teachers of the Quantum Touch healing modality and truly powerful and gifted healers. My life is changed as a result of meeting them and I believe that their service is a gift to all of humanity.
Quantum Healing has introduced me to the power the body has to heal itself when properly balanced. A QEH session is very relaxing and leaves you energized when done. I, and numerous family members and friends have all come to appreciate this new way of experiencing emotional and physical healing. Friendswood is very fortunate to have the experienced and caring practitioners of Quantum Healing; it is truly a unique experience.
Dr. Balaram and Syamala are great personalities and excellent energy healers. During our sessions I could see all major and minor chakra’s aligned with a peaceful mind and calmness and felt connected to the Divine. I could feel a connection of our hearts. The words used during the session were extremely powerful, very kind and helped me get rid of the challenges. It has been two days since the healing session and I can still feel the connection with them!!