Our Client Success Stories

Simply put, Dr. B and Syamala are the “real deal”. I recently took a Quantum Touch Level 1 class with them and was in awe of the pure unconditional love that radiated out of them onto all of us in the class. I have also done remote healing work with them and the experience was as real and powerful as if we were in the same room together. They are excellent teachers of the Quantum Touch healing modality and truly powerful and gifted healers. My life is changed as a result of meeting them and I believe that their service is a gift to all of humanity.
Quantum Healing has introduced me to the power the body has to heal itself when divinely restored its balance as its Perfect Creation in the likeness of God. A QEH session is very relaxing and leaves you energized when done. I, and numerous family members and friends have all come to appreciate this new way of experiencing emotional and physical healing. Friendswood is very fortunate to have the experienced and caring practitioners of Quantum Healing; it is truly a unique and Divine Experience.
Dr. Balaram and Syamala are great personalities and excellent energy healers. During our sessions I could see all major and minor chakras aligned with a peaceful mind and calmness and felt connected to the Divine my Source. I could feel a connection of my Heart and the Hearts of our entire family. The words used during the session were extremely powerful, loving, very kind and Divine. The Divine energy transmuted all the memories from my subconscious and got rid of or erased. I feel the freedom of my void or nothingness state where my life’s challenges have become lovable and blissful gifts. What a joy! It has been two days since the healing session was complete, but I can still feel the Divine Connection through them!!
Hi, My name is Usha Kanithi, Physical therapist and owner of an Integrated physical therapy practice in Connecticut where we incorporate craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation and various other forms of manual therapy into mainstream PT. This feedback is from the work that we received from Dr. Balaram and Syamala Muddapu; who are certified Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioners and Reconnection-Certified Practitioners. A few weeks ago, we had their Divine Presence at our Physical Therapy practice. The timing of their visit was IMPECCABLE! Could not have planned it better. Our profound experiences are lifechanging. With a loving Gratitude, I am presenting our experiences in a 2-fold format. My Personal experience: I have received long distance reconnective healing session from Dr. Balaram, a year ago and it was AMAZING!!! I am very sensitive in perceiving the happenings in my body. It was a particularly stressful time where I could not stay CONNECTED. During the long-distance session, I could feel my Sphenoid bone coming out of the torsion pattern, releasing all the tensions it was connected to throughout the body, to receive again!!! Extremely needed at that time with lasting effects! My recent experience when the Muddapus visited our facility and helped ALL our staff and many of our patients is as follows: The whole office was going through a transitional phase where many of us were resonating with some resistive forces and trying to move forward through the chaos was VERY draining to me!! Everyone that needed to be seen were coming out of the woodworks to see them, effortless! Everyone that was touched by their presence had either PROFOUND experiences in the session, or subtle experiences followed by PROFOUND life changing experiences, letting go of the things they were not aware of, or changing direction in life, or finding peace and harmony that was lasting. The people who were DEEPLY compressed by emotion or life, have shine in their eyes and faces that still continues to be there, even after returning to their same lives!! We have experience in receiving energy work, many forms of it over the past 2 decades, but the long-lasting effect of their work is what STANDS OUT!! The outcome of their presence and work in our office during, and after their visit is, the laughter we still hold amongst us, the peace, and calm while still going through tough transitional times, and the return of LOVE as the driving force for our practice!!! What more can we ask for!! We are grateful for the Divine Intervention and receiving Divinity through Dr B as we call him lovingly and Syamala!! Usha Kanithi Ushus Therapy Services, Cheshire, Ct The unconditional love they exuberated is one thing that was perceived by EVERYONE that received the Reconnective Healing and Reconnection sessions.
Usha Kanithi Ushus Therapy Services, Cheshire, Ct
After undergoing two sessions of Reconnective Healing under your guidance I am feeling much relieved. The fear of cancer has gone now. After second session, I experienced unexplainable phenomena in my body which has explained that this was the process of reconnecting with God completing the Healing Triangle; The client, Facilitator or Healer and The God in all of us. These sessions have brought positivity to me. Now I am ready to face the challenges in my life as Divine opportunities for learning and growing. I am enjoying each moment in my life cheerfully with Love, Light, Bliss and Compassion. With Love and Light, I offer my sincere Thanks to You for this Divine Gift. Love you all,
Madhavi Bommaraju. Hyderabad rkbommaraju@gmail.com
Hi Dr. Balaram, Thank you so much for explaining what you do, your perspective of life and the importance of what I say and think about myself. I learned so much. I’m blown away. During the session I felt positive sensations in my root and sacral chakra. My stomach felt…happy, a similar sensation when swinging on a swing. I felt my chest abs throat become lighter and my head felt more open. I’ve felt so heavy physically in my whole body for so long and felt my entire body release today!!! I feel so much lighter and feel like I can breathe deeply, and wholly! I woke up smiling and energetic, ready to face the day positively. I’ve never felt like this before. I didn’t know it was possible. Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you. My whole body feels relieved, as if it let go too. As if my body has been holding very tightly and locked this whole time. This feels like a massage, but for the inside of my body! I feel so much better This is amazing!
Nicole Fisher