Quantum Energy Healers Welcomes You!

Hello! We are Syamala and Balaram Muddapu and we welcome you to Quantum Energy Healers to experience your true reality.  By being here you have already taken a step forward towards your well-being.

Each of us has the extraordinary power to create our experiences within this world because our experiences mirror our thoughts and perceptions.

At Quantum Energy Healers we can help you discover and awaken the self-healing energy and ability hardwired in each of us to care and nurture ourselves. Our training, certifications and intuitive experiences with our clients have provided us with insights that help facilitate this process of quantum healing. As we share the enormous Life Force Energy with our clients, our unconditional love and conscious intent can help you reach your highest good and highest healing.

With your consent and heart’s Love, we can work together for you to transcend and be the best person that you can be as you move forward in your quantum journey.